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    Recognition and equivalence of a foreign diploma or certificate in Flanders

    Do you want to work or study in Flanders, but do you have a foreign diploma or certificate? Please note that you might have to get your diploma or certificate recognised or declared equivalent.

    You have graduated and are looking for a job

    If you are a graduate, you can contact NARIC-Flanders (NARIC-Vlaanderen) for the recognition of the following diplomas and certificates:

    • diploma of secondary education
    • diploma of higher education
    • diploma or certificate of adult education

    The recognition process is different for a diploma or certificate that gives you access to a regulated profession and that you acquired in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland. In that case, NARIC will refer you to the competent service.

    You have not graduated yet and want to continue your studies

    If you have not graduated yet and you would like to further your education in Flanders, you will have to contact the school, college of higher education or university where you would like to enrol as a pupil or student. The education institution itself will evaluate the certificates and diplomas. However, education institutions do not deliver official recognitions of foreign study certificates, but only determine, possibly after a test, at which level you may enrol as a pupil or student.

    The education institution will give you further information on the documents you will have to submit. This procedure via the education institution is usually not free of charge.

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    NARIC-Vlaanderen (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) (NARIC-Flanders)

    Koning Albert II-laan 15
    1210 Brussels

    Tel.: 1700