The Economic Migration Department is presently experiencing a major influx of applications. As a result, processing currently takes nine weeks.
Please take this timing into consideration when submitting your application.

Forms and procedures

Would you like to know which application form you need for an employment permit or for a so-called single permit? On the information page for your specific employee category, you will find the application form and all the information about:

  • the conditions you need to meet
  • the contents of your application file
  • the contents of your application file if you’re renewing your permit.

Only your application form needs to be original and signed. The attachments may all be copies.

Submit your application file at least 2 months and no more than 6 months before the expiry date to the Economic Migration Service.

Are you using an original application form written in Dutch? In that case, all attached documents may be in English, French or German.

An attest may not be more than six months old when your application is approved.

Were your certificate of good conduct and character and your medical certificate drawn up outside Belgium? Then you must have the originals legalised(opens in new window). It is sufficient to send a copy of each.

Additional details

Fill in the following information on the application forms:

  • The company numbers or entity numbers of the companies involved
  • The national register or BIS numbers of the people involved
  • The ISCO code of the job. On the basis of their task packages, all occupations are subdivided into groups and given specific codes (following the International Standard Classification of Occupations). See ISCO codes and the related explanations(opens in new window). Always fill in a four-digit ISCO code on your application forms.
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