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indication treatment times admission to work

The Economic Migration Department experiences a high influx of applications.

The processing time gives an indication of the number of months before the examination of your file starts. 
PLEASE NOTE: this differs per application category 

Your application for a combined permit can be followed up on working in Belgium. (opens in new window)

A first application or renewal can be submitted up to 6 months in advance.

Applications for a fixed-term combined permit are submitted digitally via the Unique Counter: ‘Working in Belgium’.

The next status change of your file will be notified via your e-box (in Dutch)(opens in new window) with an registered letter.

  • Information requested by the region
  • “Admissible”
  • “Positive decision work”
  • Inadmissible” + registered letter
  • “Negative employment decision” + registered letter

Indication treatment times in june 2024 admission to work / Flemish Region

The processing time is an indication of the number of months before the examination of your case starts.

  • First applications: high-skilled/managers/EU Blue Card category/: +1 months
  • First applications: bottleneck professions category: +2 weeks
  • First applications: other category: +1 month
  • First applications: all other categories: +1 month
  • Renewals: high-skilled/management category/EU Blue Card/researchers: +1 month
  • Renewals: bottleneck professions category: +1 month
  • Renewals: others category: +1 month
  • Renewals: all other categories: +1 month
  • Seasonal workers: 1 month
  • Indefinite duration: 1 month
  • Au pair: +1 month

What after a positive decision work? Indicative processing times June 2024 at federal government / Immigration Department

After a positive decision work, your file is automatically transferred to the Immigration Department (in Dutch) which makes a final decision on the combined permit. (annex 46/47/48)

The Immigration Department has a processing time of:

  • Initial applications: 6-7 weeks
  • Renewals: 6-7 weeks

If you want info on your case after the positive decision work, you can contact the Immigration Department. (in Dutch)(opens in new window)