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Mandatory reports for temporary employment agencies

What must a recognised temporary employment agency report in writing or electronically to the Service Cheques and Temporary Employment Service of the Department of Work and Social Economy?

  • The address of registered office has changed
  • The name or legal form of your temporary employment agency has changed.
  • You have appointed a new business manager or professional manager. If this is the case, also forward the CV of the new professional manager together with the supporting documents (qualifications, employment certificates, etc.) proving that the person meets the conditions of professional expertise:
    • at least 3 years of professional experience at management level in the temporary employment sector
    • or a Master's degree or equivalent, and at least 10 years of professional experience in the temporary employment sector, in human resources or in corporate governance.
  • Your temporary employment agency is merging with another legal person.
  • Your temporary employment agency no longer performs activities in Flanders and wishes to have its license cancelled.
  • Your temporary employment agency is bankrupt. Your license will then be cancelled.