Manoeuvring characteristics. Sub report 7. Comparison of the Manoeuvring Characteristics of the COSCO 20,000 TEU and other Ultra Large Container Ships

The shipping company COSCO provided data from their new-built 20,000 TEU ultra large container ships (COSCO Shipping Aries) for an evaluation of the accessibility of these ships to the port of Antwerp. Based on a former comparison of the dimensions, telegraph-speed table and manoeuvring behaviour of other container ships the data of the 20,000 TEU ship is compared with the data of the MSC London, MSC Oscar and CMA CGM Zheng He (and other CMA CGM ships). The comparison shows that the dimensions are almost identical and although the engine power and the harbour full propeller rate are low compared to the other ships, the manoeuvring behaviour based on turning circle, zigzag and crash stop tests is comparable and sometimes in the lower ranges of the considered container ships. Therefore, a trial run on the Western Scheldt can be proposed for the confirmation of the manoeuvring behaviour on the Western Scheldt and no additional simulations must be executed.

Manoeuvring characteristics. Sub report 7

mei 2018
K. Eloot, G. Delefortrie, F. Mostaert
FHR reports