Within the framework of the “Integraal Plan Boven-Zeeschelde”, a new unstructured high-resolution model, the SCALDIS-model, is developed in TELEMAC-3D, for the entire Schelde estuary and with special attention to the upstream parts. The present study describes the SCALDIS-model validation with new hydrodynamic data in the intertidal zones of the estuary. The new velocity data, measured at various locations between 2014 and 2016, are limited to the intertidal zones in the Flemish part of the Scheldt estuary, and in total 10 measuring locations along the estuary are selected. The model is calibrated for one spring-neap tidal-cycle in 2013, based on water level measurements and point and transect measurements of flow velocities (and discharge) in deep and shallow zones. These new velocity measurements in intertidal areas are important to test the model performance in shallow zones in the estuary, which are e.g. of interest in ecological studies.
December 2017
Scheepvaart, waterwegen en zeewezen
W. Hassan, D. Meire, Y. Plancke, F. Mostaert
FHR reports