One of the questions within the "Agenda voor de Toekomst" research is the importance of waves in the estuary. Waves are important as they can have an influence on the hydraulic load on river banks (and dikes). These hydrodynamic forcing can have morphological effects (erosion) on intertidal areas and therefore influence the ecological role of tidal flats and marshes. To estimate this, field measurements are necessary. Within project 14_082 : “Waves in the estuary”, several measurement campaigns are foreseen, both in the Western Scheldt (Saeftinghe, Hooge Platen) as in the Sea Scheldt (Appels, Notelaer). This report describes the measurements performed at the location of Appels, near Dendermonde, in combination with the recorded ship traffic during the same period.
September 2020
Scheepvaart, waterwegen en zeewezen
D. Meire, Y. Levy, Y. Plancke, F. Mostaert.
FHR reports 14_082_2