The Scaldis-model of the tidal Scheldt estuary is used to analyze the effects of several bathymetry alternatives (different alternatives of the Scheldt were studied under different boundary conditions). The alternatives are studied in a future reference situation (2050). The Scaldis model is calibrated for 2013. This report describes the effect on the hydrodynamics of three alternatives (VaG, VaH, Chafing) in the bathymetry of the model. The model results are analysed in terms of water levels, harmonic components, discharges, and tidal asymmetry. A first comparison between Scaldis-model results and the 1D-model from the "Bouwstenenonderzoek" is also presented in this report.
April 2019
Scheepvaart, waterwegen en zeewezen
W. Hassan, T. Maximova, Q. Bi, S. Smolders, J. Vanlede, F. Mostaert
FHR reports 13_131_7