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Travel to tomorrow...

januari 2021
Toerisme Vlaanderen
We have been traveling to tomorrow for a couple of years now, looking for a new kind of tourism, that can offer added value to all stakeholders involved: not just the visitors, but also residents, local entrepreneurs and the government at a certain place. We return back to basics, back to what traveling was and still is all about. Not just the commercial part, but even more so the qualitative and creative aspect. That memorable encounter between people. We want to replace the credo “more, more, more” with “better” and “more valuable”. Because tomorrow’s tourism is about creating added value for everyone. With many innovative insights and haunting testimonies from interesting entrepreneurs and experts such as psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter and welfare economist Paul Frijters, the book explains the theory and offers practical tips. Please consider this book as a warm and ongoing invitation to work together to build the tourism of the future.

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Januari 2021
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