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Certificate of manner of interment and/or ritual

You are free to decide yourself what is to happen to your body after your death. You can have this decision recorded in the last will and testament (manner of interment). This statement will be recorded in the population register.

The certificate of manner of interment and/or ritual (an extract from the population register) will specify:

  • whether you choose a burial or cremation
  • according to which belief system the funeral ceremony, if any, should be held
  • in which municipality your final resting place will be (in Belgium or abroad)
  • and whether you have a funeral contract.

For every death, the municipality will check whether the deceased has registered a last will and testament.


You can apply for a certificate of manner of interment and/or ritual only if a last will and testament was registered.

The following parties may apply for the certificate in respect of yourself:

  • yourself
  • your legal representative (e.g. a parent or guardian)
  • special proxies, such as a notary or a lawyer
  • third parties (e.g. public or private institutions) if the issuance of the certificate is required by law or pursuant to the law
  • a third party, provided this person is in possession of a power of attorney from the applicant and of the latter’s identity card (or a copy thereof).


You may apply for the certificate of manner of interment and/or service with your municipality.

If you have an electronic identity card (eID), you can also consult, download and print the document:

Any other parties can apply for the certificate only directly from the Civil Affairs Office (Dutch: dienst Burgerzaken).


If you are collecting the certificate yourself:

  • your own identity card or residence permit.

If you are applying for the certificate on behalf of someone else:

  • a power of attorney signed by the person concerned and a copy of their identity card
  • your own identity card.


Decree of 16 January 2004 on cemeteries, burial and cremation

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