ready. You are currently on: Validation programme for professional qualification as a baker

Validation programme for professional qualification as a baker

What the profession involves

Bakers prepare, process and bake various types of (yeast) doughs. They store and package them according to food safety regulations in order to display and sell the bakery products. Bakers work by day, by night, in the early morning, at weekends or on public holidays. Their tasks are governed by regulations on food safety and hygiene, safety, personal hygiene … Bakers work with suppliers, hygiene services and employees. Flexibility, customer friendliness and cooperation are essential. Bakers deal with and respond to a flexible market (monitoring the market and the competition) and deal with financial aspects (selling price, cash register, costing). Respecting time schedules is important.

Validation programme information

You can find detailed information about the validation programme in the validation standard for bakers (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) (in Dutch).

If you want to demonstrate your experience as a baker at a validation body, you can do so by means of a practical test, an interview concerning documents you have prepared and a written case-study.

The language of instruction for the tests is Dutch. You therefore need at least a basic knowledge of Dutch.

You must:

  • Draw up a work schedule, technical sheet and a costing;
  • Prepare, process and bake a minimum of 4 bakery products, namely 1 bakery product from each of the following categories:
    • breads
    • luxury hard-crusted products
    • luxury soft-crusted products and cakes with yeast dough
    • risen puff pastry;
  • Inform customers about the bakery products, such as the composition, preparation method, storage method and how to use the products;
  • Draw up a final stock once you have baked the bakery products.