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Validation of acquired competencies

Have you already gained a great deal of experience through your work, your free time or the courses you took?

Would you like to use that experience to get proof of what you already know and can do in a short and efficient way or to take an condensed training course?

You can through VAC.

VAC stands for ‘validation of acquired competencies’. This means you get a validation of the competencies you have already mastered through your experience. Competencies consist of skills and knowledge. Specifically, this is what you already know and can do.

By having your experience validated, you can make your own dream come true, find work, change jobs, continue studying, develop personally, etc.

There are several ways to use VAC. You can use it to get experience validated for a profession, get a diploma of secondary education or get a higher education diploma. You can do so by taking tests or obtaining exemptions. If you obtain exemptions, you will then only learn what you need in a condensed course. Both by taking tests and using exemptions, you will obtain a qualification certificate in a short, efficient way.

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