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Success (or failure) after a programme at an approved validation body

I combined my validation programme with a job. Thanks to the help of my mentor, I successfully completed the course. I am very grateful to her for that!

Laura Florinela Grigore

Childcare worker for babies and toddlers

What if I pass?

A successfully completed programme will earn one of these certificates of qualification:

  • proof of professional qualification: you have obtained the entire professional qualification
  • proof of competencies: you have achieved a number of (separate) competencies from the professional qualification
  • proof of partial qualification: you have obtained a (coherent) part of professional qualification.

Some professional qualifications allow you to take a module of supplementary general education at an adult education centre after obtaining the professional qualification. This allows you to earn a certificate of secondary education. Contact the adult education centre for more information. In the information about the professions, you will find which professions this concerns at the FQS level.

There are no general rules about where you can or cannot be employed afterwards. This depends on the employer’s requirements. Some employers require a certificate of qualification, while others do not. Even in the latter case, being able to present a certificate of qualification is undoubtedly an asset. More information can be found in the information about the professions or on Onderwijskiezer (in Dutch)(opens in new window). The validation body (in Dutch)(opens in new window) can help you further too.

What if I do not pass?

There are no general rules for what you can do if you do not pass. It is best to ask the validation body where you did not pass for advice. You can choose to retake the validation programme or you can apply for an exemption to take a shortened course.