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Integrated environmental permit

If you want to build or renovate a house or start a company in Flanders, you must check whether you need an integrated environmental permit (former urban planning permission and environmental permit combined).


You need a permit if you have the intention

  • to build
  • to renovate
  • to demolish
  • to dig
  • to cut down trees
  • to put up fences,...

For a number of smaller works you do not need a permit or only have to inform your municipality of the works.

In both cases, the works may not contravene e.g.:

  • urban development regulations or allotment regulations
  • Flemish environmental permitting regulations
  • spatial implementation plans
  • special development plans
  • requirements of allotment permits
  • regulations on monuments and sites,...

On the website you can find out whether you need a permit(opens in new window).

Also check with the town and country planning service of your municipality for regulations, requirements or restrictions.


Apply for the integrated environment permit via the online Environment and Spatial Planning Desk (‘Omgevingsloket’). If you work with an architect, they can draw up the application for you.

Permits for works in municipalities with linguistic facilities must still be submitted on paper.


Flemish Spatial Planning Code