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    Leisure provision for young and old in Flanders displays the full range of leisure activities in Flanders and Brussels for all ages.

    The UiTdatabank (successor of the Cultuurdatabank) assembles all the information on leisure time and culture and spreads it through various channels for the public at large. It is also the most important source of information for the leisure activity calendars in most Flemish newspapers, magazines and television channels (and their websites).

    Anyone who registers can add events and activities that are accessible for the public to the UiTdatabank for free.

    For children, the website was developed. ‘Vlieg’ (fly) is a label that wants to increase the visibility of the cultural provision for children under 12 years. Many cultural institutions and local authorities use this lively insect in their communications. ‘Vlieg’ wants to introduce more children to culture and guides the entire family to music, theatre, film, dance and various other leisure activities.


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