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    Driving licence and driving lessons

    In order to drive a motor vehicle, you must have a driving licence. The driving licence proves you have the necessary knowledge, ability, and experience to drive a car.

    Several categories of driving licences exist. Your driving licence indicates the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive.

    In order to obtain this driving licence, you must take driving lessons and pass a theoretical and a practical test. After successfully passing the tests, you can apply for your driving licence at your town hall.

    Driving lessons

    • From the age of 17 onwards, you may take the theoretical driving test.
    • After successfully passing the theoretical test, you can apply for a provisional driving licence. You can choose between 2 systems for your practical driving lessons:
      • with a driving school: from the age of 18 onwards, you can also drive by yourself after successfully completing a 20 hours course of practical lessons with a recognised driving school.
      • with your private instructor: you can take up a basic training programme of 6 hours (not compulsory) before practicing with your private instructor. The instructor must be in possession of his driving licence for at least 8 years.
    • After a period of practical training of at least 9 months, you may take the practical test. You must be at least 18 years old at the time of the test.
    • After successfully passing the practical test, a tryout year follows, during which you cannot commit any major offence.

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