The premium application in several steps

Apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie in a few easy steps, as set out below. Once you move to the next step, the data entered are automatically saved. However, you can manually save changes at any time via the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom. A premium application is not sent until you click ‘submit’ in the last step.

  • Stap 1

    Gather the necessary documents

    To apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie, you need to collect the appropriate documents in advance. Which documents are required or optional depends on the premium you are applying for. Surf to the specific website page about the premium you want to apply for to get a list of the documents you need to submit.

  • Stap 2

    Apply through the online counter

    You can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie through the online counter, not on paper. If you are not sufficiently familiar with this, you can contact your municipality’s housing counter (woonloket) or the Energy Centre (Energiehuis) to help you with your application.

    1. Surf to the online counter and click on ‘log in’.
    2. Choose the way you want to log in, e.g. via itsme or e-ID and card reader. Learn more about logging in with itsme here.
    3. Follow the instructions to log in according to the method you selected.

  • Stap 3

    Start a new application

    1. Click on ‘Start new application’. You will now see an overview of the various steps.

    2. Click on the blue button ‘go to this step’ to open the first step.

  • Stap 4

    Fill in the general information

  • Stap 5

    Fill in the information about the building

  • Stap 6

    Check all categories for which you would like to apply for a premium

    For each selected category, you must then provide details of the work performed (e.g. the type of roofing work, the brand and type of insulation material or the date the work was performed).

  • Stap 7

    Add Invoices, certificates and other documents

    All invoices (including advance and interim invoices) must be uploaded separately.

    1. Click ‘add invoice’ to upload an invoice.
    2. At the top of the form, select ‘attach file’ and select the invoice on your computer. In the same way, you can also add quotes.
    3. In the form, enter the details of the invoice (invoice date, invoice number, etc.) and confirm with ‘ok’ at the bottom.

    Repeat these steps to upload multiple invoices.

    If you uploaded the wrong file, use the ‘delete’ button. To add certificates, follow these steps.

    1. Click ‘attach file’ .

    2. Select the document on your computer.

    3. Click on the recycle bin to delete the attachment if necessary.

  • Stap 8

    Communication and payment

    1. Please indicate if you would like to be notified via E-BOX or another option.
    2. Enter your contact details (e-mail address and phone number), as well as your bank account number.
  • Stap 9


    1. In the summary, check that all information is entered correctly.

    2. For each component, click on ‘details’ to see the details and adjust if necessary.

    3. Confirm that all data are correct by checking the box at the bottom of the summary page.

    4. Click on ‘submit’ to send the application.

Completing an application

You can start an application and then complete and submit it at a later time. Once an application is submitted, you cannot reopen it to change information (except your contact details or account number) or upload additional documents.

  1. Apply through the online counter

  2. Click on ‘complete application’ under ‘my dossiers’ to open and complete the application.

  3. Select execute.

  4. For each step, complete the requested information and submit the application as described above.

Premium application for flats and blocks of flats

Block of flats: works on communal areas and installation of renewable energy.

The premium application for the communal areas and installation of renewable energy sources in blocks of flats, can be submitted by a natural person (individual), a co-owners’ association (VME) or another legal entity (company, organisation). One application must be submitted for each block of flats. An owner-occupier or other investor cannot apply for a premium for works on the communal areas of the block of flats. Consult here how to apply and submit Mijn VerbouwPremie step-by-step in this case.

If there is no common invoice, but the invoice for the works on the communal areas was prepared per flat, then the following application procedure must be followed:

  • Step 1 of the application: select: ‘I am applying for this premium for a block of flats’
  • Step 1 of the application: select ‘The block of flats is managed by a VME: ‘no’
  • Then fill out the application for each individual flat

Individual flat: works on the private areas.

The premium application for works on the private areas of a flat can be submitted by a natural person (individual) or a legal person (company, organisation). One application must be submitted per flat.

Consult here how to apply and submit Mijn VerbouwPremie for an individual flat step-by-step. (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window)

Individual flat: work on the communal areas (additional premium).

The premium application for works on the communal areas of an individual flat can only be submitted by a social housing agency (SVK) (natural or legal person). One application must be submitted per flat.

Consult here how to apply and submit Mijn VerbouwPremie for an individual flat step-by-step. (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window)

Premium application in the case of companies

If you wish to apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie for your company, organisation or VME, you will need to select on whose behalf you wish to apply in the online counter while signing up. You should choose ‘organisation’ or ‘company’ depending on whose behalf you are applying for the premium. In this case, you should not choose yourself as a ‘natural person’.

Is the organisation or company not listed? Then the legal representative of this organisation or company will first have to grant you user rights. Also, as a property trustee or representative of a VME, you must first obtain the user right before you can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie.

See all the information about ‘register as an entrepreneur’ (in Dutch)(opens in new window) here. As a legal representative, you can refer to the instruction videos on the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO) website (in Dutch)(opens in new window) or the manual ‘How to renew rights in user management’ (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) to assign user rights.

Handling your premium application

  • Once your premium application has been submitted, you will receive acknowledgement of receipt. You can find this in the online counter.
  • If after eight months, you have not received notification of your dossier, you have one month to appeal against inaction through the online counter.

  • If you disagree with the decision, you have one month to file an appeal through the online counter.

  • Mijn VerbouwPremie will be paid within 12 months.

  • After your application is submitted, you can track the status through the online counter.

Updating contact information or account number

  1. Apply through the online counter

  2. Select the submitted application in the overview under ‘my dossiers’.

  3. Click ‘execute’ under ‘modify contact information and/or account number’.

  4. Check the data and adjust as needed.

  5. Confirm with ‘modify my data’.

The account number can be changed up to maximum 10 days from the date of sending the decision letter. Contact information can be changed until the date of the dossier decision or after the dossier is reopened. The counter does/does not display this option depending on these deadlines.

In the event you have a question about a submitted application

  1. Apply through the online counter

  2. Under ‘my dossiers’, select the application you have a question about. Under ‘dossier actions to take > ask a question’ , click ‘execute’ to open the contact form.

  3. Select the reason from the drop-down menu and type your question.

  4. Click on ‘submit my question’.

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