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Professional card - Conditions and restrictions for holders

You must respect a number of restrictions and conditions if you hold a professional card for self-employed activities in the Flemish Region.


The professional card:

  • is personal and cannot be transferred
  • is restricted to the self-employed professional activity that is stated on the card. This concerns all characteristics of the professional activity: legal form of the business, addresses, nature of the activity, etc.
  • has a limited validity period with a maximum validity of 3 years.


The conditions that apply when submitting the application for your professional card also apply for the complete period of validity of your professional card.

Additionally: Report to an accredited business counter if you do not have a company number yet when your professional card is issued and have yourself registered as a self-employed person as a main or secondary occupation in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises(opens in new window) (CBE). Your VAT number can also be activated then.