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Professional card - Price and period of validity

There are costs connected to the professional card: both for the initial application and for renewals and changes. Furthermore, your professional card is valid for a limited period.


A fee of 140 euro applies for your application. How you pay this amount depends on which type of application:

  • first application
  • renewal, change or replacement of your professional card applied for before 1 January 2022
  • renewal or change of your professional card which was requested after 1 January 2022

After approval of your application you will receive an invitation to pay 90 euro for each year that the professional card is valid. Example: for a professional card valid for 2 years, you pay 180 euro. Once we have received your payment, your professional card will be issued. If it is a first application, you can consult and download your digital card via the WSE online service counter.

Validity of the professional card

The category of activities you perform determines the validity period of your professional card:

  • self-employed activity with an economic added value: standard validity period of 2 years
  • self-employed activity with an innovative added value: standard validity period of 3 years
  • self-employed activity with sporting, cultural or artistic added value: the validity period is proportional to the duration of the activity you want to perform in the Flemish Region.

It makes no difference whether those activities take place via a one-man business, company or firm.

Renewing a professional card

You must apply for the renewal of your professional card no later than 60 days before your card’s expiry date. If the professional card that needs to be renewed, was applied for before 1 January 2022, you must apply for the renewal at least 90 days before the expiry date of your card.

Important: if you do not submit the application for renewal on time, you run the risk of your residence permit expiring. In this case, you cannot apply for a renewal, you can only submit once again a first application for a professional card.