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    Slibbalans Zeeschelde. Sub report 8. Hydrodynamic model 1954

    Project "00_029_Slibbalans Zeeschelde" aims to study the mud balance in the Scheldt Estuary in a historical perspective. One of the tasks identified in the projectplan is to hindcast a historical situation, first in a hydrodynamical model, then as mud transport model. The present document describes the model setups of NEVLA 2009, SCALDIS 2013 and their 1954 counterparts. The predictive ability of both models is evaluated against measurements. Due to less detailed topographic, hydrological and hydrodynamic information of 1954, a sensitivity analysis is performed on the 1954 models to evaluate the reaction of the model to changes in bathymetry, bottom roughness and viscosity.

    Slibbalans Zeeschelde. Sub report 8. Hydrodynamic model 1954

    Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken. Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium
    Publication date
    December 2017
    A. Dujardin, D. Meire, K. Chu, J. Vanlede, Y. Plancke, F. Mostaert
    FHR reports