To be recognised as a liquid fuel, gaseous fuel or heating audit technician, you must fulfil:

  • general recognition conditions ((opent in nieuw venster)) that apply to all recognitions relating to the environment
    • in the 3 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, the applicant has not been convicted of a criminal offence in a member state of the European Economic Area, for infringements of the environmental legislation concerning the use of the recognition.
    • in the 2 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, no recognition with the same object was revoked due to infringement of the obligations associated with that recognition.
  • have a certificate of competence concerning liquid fuel, gaseous fuel or heating audit. The certificate must have been awarded by a recognised training centre.

Validity period and obligations

The recognition is valid for an indefinite period. As a recognised technician, you must meet the following obligations among others to retain your recognition:

  • correctly perform the inspection before first use, periodic maintenance and heating audits, and in doing so apply the standards and codes of good practice as stated in Chapter 4 of ‘het Stooktoestellenbesluit’.
  • every 5 years, follow a refresher training at a recognised training centre (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) (select ‘opleidingscentra technici vloeibare brandstof, gasvormige brandstof or verwarmingsaudit’ in the search module). The latest date for following a refresher training can be found:
  • correctly and fully complete reports, sign them and retain them for at least 1 year
  • hold insurance for third-party liability, including professional liability, in connection with the use of the recognition
  • report every change of identification data (such as address, e-mail address) immediately via erkenningen.omgeving@vlaanderen.be (opent in uw e-mail applicatie)
  • pay the annual fee (in het Nederlands) for the supervision of the recognition. The first payment is to be made in the year following the year in which you obtained the Flemish recognition certificate. Failure to pay the annual fee will lead to automatic suspension of the recognition following a formal notice of default. If the fee is still not paid within 30 days of the suspension, the recognition will automatically lapse.

More info on the obligations (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) for recognised technicians can be found on the Department of Environment and Spatial Development website.


There are three possible recognitions as a technician:

  • recognition as ‘liquid fuel technician
  • recognition as ‘gaseous fuel technician
    • basis module GI (gas boiler with non-premix burner or premix burner) for most private houses or apartments
    • expansion module GII (gas boiler with a separate ventilator burner): only after obtaining GI, for buildings where higher capacity is required.
  • recognition as ‘heating audit technician

You have to follow a training course and pass an exam to receive your recognition:

If you pass, you will receive a certificate with a personal recognition number. That number begins with the letters:

  • TV, followed by 5 figures for liquid fuel (e.g. TV12459)
  • GV, followed by 5 figures for gaseous fuel (e.g. GV00234)
  • VA, followed by 5 figures for heating audit (e.g. VA+00234).


As a gaseous fuel technician, liquid fuel technician or heating audit technician, you must pay an annual fee (in het Nederlands) for the supervision over your recognition. You will receive an invoice for this by post at the start of the calendar year in your name at your official address.

  • For 2022 the annual fee amounts to EUR 30.
  • That amount is index-adjusted every year.
  • The gaseous fuel technician does not need to pay an additional annual fee for recognition of the extension module GII.


Flemish regulation on environmental recognitions (VLAREL).

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