In order to be allowed to provide training for the inspection of air conditioning systems with a nominal cooling capacity of more than 12 kW, the training centre must be recognised.

To be recognised as a training centre for air conditioning energy experts, the training centre must fulfil:

  • general recognition conditions ((opent in nieuw venster)) that apply to all recognitions relating to the environment

    • in the 3 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, the applicant has not been convicted of a criminal offence in a member state of the European Economic Area, for infringements of the environmental legislation concerning the use of the recognition.
    • in the 2 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, no recognition with the same object was revoked due to infringement of the obligations associated with that recognition.
  • and the following special recognition conditions:

    • the training centre must have effective procedures in place for organising the training and further training with the accompanying examination, so that only persons who fulfil the admission criteria are admitted to the training course
    • the lecturers must be recognised as air conditioning energy experts
    • the training centre must organise a regulatory examination jury.

You can find additional information on recognition conditions for training centres for air conditioning energy experts ((opent in nieuw venster)) on the website of the Department of Environment and Spatial Development (Dutch: Departement Omgeving).

Validity period and obligations

Recognition as a training centre is granted for an indefinite period. A recognised training centre must meet a number of requirements to retain its recognition.


Request your recognition from the Flemish administration.

  • Download the application form ((opent in nieuw venster)) from the Department of Environment and Spatial website and fill it in. On the application form, you must demonstrate that the training centre meets the conditions for recognition.
  • Submit the necessary documents to the Flemish adminisration.

The competent authority will handle your request. This could involve a site visit. The leading official of the Energy and Climate Agency of Flanders reaches a decision within 90 days, starting from the day after the submission of the complete application file.


No fee is payable for the recognition application.


Flemish regulation on environmental recognitions (VLAREL).

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