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About us

Statistics Flanders is the network of Flemish government agencies that develop, produce and publish official statistics. The network has the remit to develop and implement a coordinated statistical policy, focused on the flexible, helpful provision of high quality statistics to all users.

We aim to offer key figures and data about Flanders so that everyone has the right information to make well-founded decisions: citizens, organisations, companies and policy makers. We will tell stories with numbers about Flanders: about the people who live and work here, our economy and our environment, and about our place in the world. And we aim to make data openly available so we maximise the use of our data.

Our official statistics will be produced according to legal provisions and internationally applicable principles, which focus on the quality, relevance and independent production of our outputs.

The members of our network operate in a decentralised system, where the responsibility for official statistics remains with the various entities of the network. We work within a legal framework that applies to everyone within the network, and ensures that there is a coherent and high-quality range of statistics on Flanders.

Statistics Flanders is a new setup and we are working on a transformation during the coming years to align the current activities on official statistics production with the new legal framework.

We are part of the Interfederal Institute for Statistics (IIS), which provides coordination between the various statistical authorities at the federal and regional level within Belgium, and we are represented in the Belgian Institute for National Accounts (INR).

Our strategy

Our strategy sets out how we want to develop, produce and disseminate official statistics in Flanders in the future. Our strategic framework is based on international principles for official statistics and is complementary to Flemish official statistics legislation. The four strands of the strategy which will shape our future work are summarised below.

Download a summary (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) of the Statistics Flanders Strategy

Download the full version (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) of the Statistics Flanders Strategy

For more information about Statistics Flanders, please contact us(opens in your email application).

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