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Strategic transformation support

By means of this measure enterprises or groups of enterprises that make sizeable commercial investments and educational efforts in the Flemish Region in the framework of a strategic transformation project can receive financial support.


The transformation project must make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the economic fabric in Flanders, which may involve:

  • investments in strategic clusters and lead plants in Flanders;
  • supporting the international growth of innovationoriented SMEs in Flanders;
  • supporting transformational investments that realise the sustainable anchoring of significant employment in Flanders.

Who is eligible

Both individual enterprises and cooperating enterprises can submit an application.

Which expenses are eligible

Expenses related to high-risk projects in the context of a planned transformation scheme qualify.


Please apply for the support by using the designated application form. The completed and signed application form must be submitted together with the transformation plan and the other appendices before the start of the transformation project. Enterprise Flanders will send acknowledgement of receipt to the enterprise. Subsequently the application will be assessed for acceptability (completeness, adequate financing capacity, transformation plan) and the contents of the application will then also be assessed by a committee.

Financial advantage

The support will be split up into basic support (for the transformation project) and bonus support (for the creation of additional jobs).

• The basic support amounts to 8% for investments and 20% for education. The basic support will be capped at a maximum of €1 million per enterprise.

• The bonus support amounts to a maximum of 25% of the basic support (and hence a max. 5% extra support for education and max. 2% extra support for investments)

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