What the profession involves

A meat process worker and deboner cuts, debones, processes and divides carcasses in accordance with the applicable food safety and hygiene rules for further processing and handling.

The meat process worker and deboner

  • works in a shift system and/or at weekends in a refrigerated environment in cutting and meat-processing plants. The work is determined by regulations on food safety and hygiene, safety, personal hygiene, etc. Working under time pressure is essential, as is acting efficiently in critical food safety situations.
  • aligns actions to the meat properties and the technical sheet. The meat process worker and deboner acts in a high-quality and/or customer-oriented manner in all circumstances.

Validation programme information

You can find detailed info about the validation programme in the validation standard for meat process worker and deboner (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) (in Dutch).

If you want to demonstrate your experience as a meat process worker and deboner at a validation body, you do so through a practical test and a verbal knowledge test. The language of instruction for the tests is Dutch. You must:

  • cut the forequarter and hindquarter of a bovine animal
  • cut and bone half a pig
  • cut and bone poultry.
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