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Mijn VerbouwPremie for interior renovation



The following works are eligible for the premium for the category interior renovation:

  • demolition of interior walls and replacement with new walls, including the load-bearing or supporting components in those walls, such as columns, beams and lintels
  • demolition and construction of load-bearing floor components and screeds between floors

  • treatment of interior walls against rising damp by installing a waterproofing layer or injecting the walls with wall waterproofing products

  • treatment of walls against cellar or house fungus

  • Wet or dry plastering on interior walls, ceiling and underside of roof structures. Plaster, lime and clay plastering on the inside of external walls

  • installation of fixed stairs in the dwelling so that the connection between floors is safe, including installation of railings and parapets.

You can consult all conditions related to the target group, building and premium amounts on the ‘Mijn VerbouwPremie voor binnenrenovatie’ web page. This is a Dutch-language web page.

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