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Towards home heating with a heat pump or heat network

Do not wait until your boiler breaks down to consider alternatives to fuel oil or natural gas. If you find yourself in a situation requiring a quick decision, the choice is very limited, at least if your home is not yet energy-efficient.

Roadmap to sustainable heating for your home

  • Stap 1

    Insulate your home

    Sustainable heating will not succeed if your home is leaking heat. You therefore need to insulate thoroughly first.

  • Stap 2

    Heat at low temperature

    Those who live in a well-insulated house can heat economically through low-temperature heating. Low-temperature heating is done with heating that can generate a lot of heat: underfloor heating, customised radiators, fan coil units or wall heating. This is much more efficient and leads to large energy gains.

  • Stap 3

    Consider a heat pump or heat network

    Once you can heat at low temperature, you are eligible for various renewable energy sources and techniques, e.g. a heat pump or connection to a heat network.