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You can only apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie in Dutch.

For whom, what type of works and how to apply?

All those investing in an existing house, flat, block of flats or non-residential building (e.g. a commercial or office building) will be able to apply for financial support for investments in energy efficiency (such as roof insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, high-efficiency windows, solar water heater, heat pump, heat pump boiler and gas condensing boiler) and investments in housing quality (electricity and plumbing, interior renovation, windows and doors), depending on the target group to which they belong.


Wondering what premiums you can apply for and what level of premium you are entitled to in 2023? Consult the simulator on Mijn VerbouwPremie. This is only possible in Dutch.

What about flats and blocks of flats?

Certificates for the contractor

Download the certificates for the contractor to be able to apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie.

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