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Who can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie?


Apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie here

You can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie for the house or private areas of the flat which you occupy as your main residence on the application date according to the population register and of which you are the owner, as well as for other houses, flats, blocks of flats and buildings without a residential function, all located in the Flemish region.

Those who invest in a building they do not own or live in, are only eligible for the premiums for energy-efficient investments such as roof insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, high-efficiency glazing, heat pump, solar water heater and heat pump boiler. If you rent the building on the private rental market, the same rules apply.

Work on the communal areas of a block of flats is subject to specific conditions for blocks of flats.

If you are letting the house or flat to an SVK, then you are always entitled to the highest premium for both insulation and renovation works. Social housing companies/housing companies are not eligible.

You can consult all the terms and conditions on the ‘Wie kan Mijn VerbouwPremie aanvragen’ web page. This is a Dutch-language web page.


Wondering what premiums you can apply for and what level of premium you are entitled to in 2023? Consult the simulator on Mijn VerbouwPremie. This is only possible in Dutch.