The training centre must be recognised in order to be allowed to organise the examination for electrical switchgear technicians.

To be recognised as a training centre for electrical switchgear technicians, the training centre must fulfil:

  • the general recognition conditions ((opens in new window)) that apply to all recognitions relating to the environment

  • and the following special conditions:

    • the training centre must have

      • effective procedures in place to organise the examination

      • organise a regulatory examination jury.

You can find additional information on recognition conditions for training centres for electrical switchgear technicians ((opens in new window)) on the website of the Department of Environment and Spatial Development (Dutch: Departement Omgeving).



Validity period

  • Recognition as a training centre is granted for an indefinite period.

  • A recognised training centre must meet a number of requirements to retain its recognition.


No fee is payable for the recognition application.


Flemish regulation on environmental recognitions (Vlaams reglement inzake erkenningen met betrekking tot het leefmilieu/VLAREL).

  • Last revision 17/12/2020
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