To be recognised as a fuel oil tank technician, you must fulfil:

  • general recognition conditions ((opent in nieuw venster)) that apply to all recognitions relating to the environment
    • in the 3 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, the applicant has not been convicted of a criminal offence in a member state of the European Economic Area, for infringements of the environmental legislation concerning the use of the recognition.
    • in the 2 years that precede the application for the Flemish recognition certificate, no recognition with the same object was revoked due to infringement of the obligations associated with that recognition.
  • special recognition conditions:
    • be a natural person
    • have a certificate of competence for the control and maintenance of fuel oil tanks. That certificate must have been awarded by a recognised training centre.

Validity period and obligations

The recognition is valid for an indefinite period. As a recognised technician, you must meet the following obligations among others to retain your recognition:

More info on the obligations for recognised technicians (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) can be found on the Department of Environment and Spatial Development website.


You have to follow a training course and pass an exam to receive your recognition:

If you pass, you will receive a certificate with a personal recognition number. That number begins with the letters: SV, followed by 5 figures (e.g. SV00022 or SV56489).


As a recognised fuel oil tank technician, you must pay the annual fee (in het Nederlands) for the supervision of the recognition. You will receive an invoice for this by post at the start of the calendar year in your name at your official address.

  • For 2022 the annual fee amounts to EUR 30.
  • That amount is index-adjusted every year.


Flemish regulation on environmental recognitions (VLAREL).

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