The obligation also applies if the registered office of the head office is not located in the Flemish Region.

A temporary employment agency or temp agency is a business that

  • employs temporary workers
  • lets them work temporarily for clients
  • always remains the temporary worker's employer

In the case of temporary work, the temporary employment agency is the employer. If the employee is employed at the premises of a client, the employer's authority is transferred from the temporary employment agency to the client.

The temporary employment agency must pay a surety of € 75,000 to the Social Fund for Temporary Workers. One third of this sum (€ 25,000) must be paid when the application for recognition is submitted".

The compulsory recognition not only applies to this particular employment relationship but also to recruitment and selection with the intention of carrying out temporary employment activities.

Private employment agencies, such as selection agencies, recruitment agencies, artist agencies, outplacement agencies, executive searchers, head-hunters and sports agents, may offer their services on the Flemish labour market without the need for recognition if their services are not provided with the intention of carrying out temporary employment activities.

  • Last revision 24/06/2021
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