ready. You are currently on: Validation programme for professional qualification as a household care assistant

Validation programme for professional qualification as a household care assistant

What the occupation involves

The household care assistant provides daily maintenance and cleaning of the home of the customer needing care to maintain or restore a pleasant living environment so that the customer can continue to live at home. He

  • Provides household help according to quality standards, acting in accordance with the professional code of conduct
  • Communicates clearly and appropriately with customers
  • Supports customer well-being
  • Plans and organises household tasks in consultation with the customer
  • Performs the following household tasks:
    • Shopping
    • Meal preparation
    • Washing and ironing clothing and other textiles
    • Carrying out minor repairs
    • Making up beds
    • Cleaning the house
    • Sorting and disposing of household waste
    • Is responsible for safety.

The household care assistant works with other actors and is flexible. He discusses his actions with the supervisor and receives feedback to promote his development.

Validation programme information

You can find detailed info about the validation programme in the validation standard for household care assistants (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) (in Dutch).

If you want to demonstrate your experience as a household care assistant at a validation body, you do so through a practical test and role playing.

The language of instruction for the tests is Dutch.

You must:

  • Compile the schedule of household tasks,
  • Prepare a main course of a meal for the customer,
  • Take care of the customer’s clothing and other textiles,
  • Clean at least 1 room and at least 2 sanitary facilities (a shower, toilet),
  • Buy groceries,
  • Report the completed and any outstanding tasks to the customer,
  • Deal with an unforeseen circumstance that has an impact on the schedule,
  • Deal with a customer’s request that fails to comply with safety rules,
  • Deal with a customer’s request that is inconsistent with the professional scope,
  • Deal with a situation of inappropriate behaviour,
  • Empathise with the customer with minimal care needs,
  • Collaborate with the supervisor and the care actors involved,
  • Help in emergency situations and apply first aid guidelines.