Waterzuivering in Antwerpen
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This means:

  • that the owner of the building is obliged, at their own expense, to connect to the public sewer network (if any)
  • that, if there is no public sewer network, the owner of the building must treat the waste water themselves before it is discharged.

The municipality's zoning plan specifies for each address whether the building must be connected to the public sewer network or whether the waste water must be treated by the owners themselves.

In the event of new build or major works to your waste and/or rainwater drains, an inspection of the private sewer system is mandatory. Private sewer system is understood to mean: your water drains up to the connection to the public sewer network. You can request a list of possible inspectors from your sewer manager.

If you have any questions about the sewer system, contact your sewer manager. If you live in Flanders, you can visit the website of AquaFlanders.be to search for your sewer manager(opens in new window). Enter your postcode or municipality. The contact details will appear below the map.

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