Belgium at IPM Essen 2020 (28-31/01/2020)

IPM Essen is the annual pinnacle for the international horticultural sector. Belgium has been a participant since the beginning and in 2020 is unveiling a new stand concept and a new campaign image: a combination of design & cosy, playful & stylish, and above all a welcoming place to meet where the Flemish companies can receive their trade relations. A strong delegation of 39 Flemish exhibitors will be present this year at the group stand of the VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board. You can find them in hall 2 (stands B25 + D26 and 30), hall 6 (stand C26) and hall 8 (stands C42 and D25, 26, 28 and 30).

39 companies at 3 group stands

No fewer than 39 Flemish horticultural companies will participate in the VLAM group stand, equalling last year’s record. Together, they represent a wide range of Belgian horticultural products, from the typically Flemish products such as azaleas, rhododendrons, flowering indoor plants, Flemish laurel and chrysanthemums, to shrubs, young plants and border plants and tree nursery products. The group stands are spread over three halls:

  • Hall 2 (stands B25 + D26 and 30): Azanova, Dataflor, De Croock, De Vos-Hertschap, De Waele-Wilwoodii, De Wilde John, Denis-Plants, Deroose Plants-Exotic Plants, Floramor, Gediflora, Gernée Siergrassen, Herplant, Helleborus bvba, Hortinno, Joluplant, Leybaert, Microflor, Pelargonium De Cock, Rudy Raes Bloemzaden, Sonneville Philip
  • Hall 6 (stand C26): Block Jules, Calle-Plant, Geert Bogaert, Goossens Raf, Heyeveld, Laurica-plants, Lens Roses, Oprins Plant, tree nursery Rimbaut Peter, tree nursery Schepers, Van Poecke & zn, Vandamme Sierplanten, tree nursery Vos Patrick
  • Hall 8 (stands C42, D25, D26, D28 and D30): ADM Greentraders, Fleur, Neyt-Van Sante, Sylva, Van der Auwera and Van Hulle B&C

A good range of product innovations

The Flemish horticultural companies are constantly looking for product innovations to surprise greenlovers. In addition to novelties that catch the eye thanks to a new colour pallet or special shapes of the plants or flowers, there are also newcomers who stand out due to their resistance to frost or additional environmental efforts. VLAM bundles these newcomers in the innovation corner of hall 2 at, stand 2D26.

New stand concept ‘We Grow Your Way’

At IPM 2020, the Flemish horticultural sector will unveil a new stand concept and a new communication concept. The stylish stands combine a minimalist, black, metal structure with warm wooden panels and offer the export companies and their customers a pleasant place to meet.
In the superstructure, VLAM draws attention to the home region, with the combination Flanders / Belgium at every corner. The stand is further dressed with the new concept, bearing the slogan ‘In Flanders, we grow your way'. This new and colourful concept on the one hand incorporates Flanders’ long tradition in horticulture and the family structure of the businesses, and on the other hand the companies’ flexibility and solution-oriented approach. A playful image of stacked cubes with parts of different plants catches the eye. It refers to the diversity of the Flemish horticultural sector and illustrates the great solution-oriented approach.
Throughout the stand, the export platform is also presented various times. On the export platform, visitors can look for a supplier in the database, find information about participation in trade fairs and gain more insight into the Flemish horticultural sector by means of the product blocks, background dossiers, figures and company reports.

N.B.: In the attached document you can find more information and pictures of the novelties of seven Flemish floriculture companies: Calle-Plant, Hortibreed, Leybaert, Oprins Plant, Rudy Raes Bloemzaden, Dataflor and Denis-Plants.

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