New Hydrangea and ecological strawberry win at the FLORALL awards

On 12 March, the FLORALL trade fair was held in Waregem. There is also a competition for novelties connected to the trade fair. The Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ by tree nursery Willy De Nolf from Waregem won the gold medal in the ‘varieties’ category. In the ‘concepts’ category, the ‘Berroo Pure’ by Dataflor from Zonnebeke won with a completely ecological strawberry plant product.

Runaway Bride

The Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ is a new class of hydrangea hybrids with a unique inflorescence. The plant flowers not only at the end of the stem but also at all the side buds from the previous season. The inflorescence and the meandering branches give this hydrangea a completely new product form.
The jury praised the innovative aspect due to the plant’s low branching. The fact that the hydrangea flowers on year-old wood makes the plant easy to prune. The pure colour of the flower and fine leaves were also named as extras. The plant is very versatile, both in the garden or in a pot. It can also be placed indoors and taken outdoors later. “It is a very low-maintenance plant which responds to contemporary consumer demands and therefore has broad sales potential. A valuable addition to the range of hydrangeas”, concluded the jury.

Berroo Pure

In the ‘concepts’ category, the ecological strawberry plants of Berroo Pure won gold. Berroo Pure is a concept by Dataflor from Zonnebeke. The strawberry plants are cultivated from organic seedlings and are potted in organic potting soil. The pots are biodegradable and are absorbed by the soil in 3 to 4 months. The label used is made of paper/cardboard without a coating so that it can recycled with old paper and cardboard. The tray is made of paper/cardboard pulp so that it, too, can be recycled with old paper and cardboard.
The jury sees the Berroo Pure as a perfect response to the current zeitgeist and it praised the total ecological package. “Strawberries as an ecological concept is a good choice since this product is well received by consumers and young people and it can be sold during a large part of the year.”

Silver and bronze

In the first ‘varieties’ category, tree nursery Willy De Nolf also won silver with its Carex Oshimensis ‘Everlime.’ This Carex has characteristic evergreen leaves with lime-yellow edges. The plant is ideal as a patio and garden plant or in the shade or a border. It is low maintenance and very hardy.
The jury saw this as a deepening of the carex range with a plant that can be kept both in the garden and in a pot. Giving it broad sales potential. The jury also liked the subtle green sheen of the leaf, saying it gave the plant “just that little extra something.” The ease of maintenance responds to the current demands of consumers.

Bronze was awarded to the Azalea japonica ‘Hendrik Wit’ by floristry Albert Van Hecke from Lochristi. It is a hardy Azalea japonica with a beautiful white double flower and a long flowering period.
The jury was charmed by the white colour and dense flowers of the shrub. The double flowers and abundant flowering make this plant a real eyecatcher. The jury praised its whimsical, loose structure which after flowering remains eye-catching and playful. “A nice addition to the Japonica range,” they judged.

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