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Energy contracts and moving house

When you move, your energy contract moves with you. You must inform your energy supplier as quickly as possible about your move. For this you can make use of the energy transfer document (Dutch: energieovernamedocument).

Energy transfer document

It is best to report your move by using the energy transfer document (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window). You can also report your move by telephone to your supplier.

You can use the energy transfer document when you move, sell or rent a house or after a divorce or death. With the document, you record the final electricity and/or gas metre readings. You cannot use it to have somebody else’s energy contract transferred to you.

When you move, you take your energy contract with you to your new address. All suppliers must accept that form. Retain the original document and send a copy to your supplier (in Dutch)(opens in new window).

When you move, you must fill in an energy transfer form for both the old and the new address. Two forms have to be filled in for both the old and the new address: one for the departing customer and one for the customer to which the energy supply is transferred. The details of both parties must be stated in all documents and both parties must sign the duly completed document. Each party must then submit the details to their own energy supplier. If you do not have a supplier yet, you must first conclude a contract. The V-test helps you choose the most suitable supplier.

The signed document has legal value. If a dispute arises at a later date about the metre readings, the supplier can request this document as proof of the agreed metre readings.