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When you sell your accommodation, you must be able to show a valid electrical compliance certificate. If you do not have one, you have to organise an inspection of your installation.

If the installation is deemed unsatisfactory (negative inspection report), you have to rectify the situation before having the installation inspected again.

Electrical installation put into service BEFORE 1 October 1981

If you sell an accommodation with an electrical installation put into service BEFORE 1 October 1981, you must have the electrical installation inspected. You can only be exempted from this obligation if you already have an electrical compliance certificate based on the Algemeen Reglement op de Elektrische Installaties (General Regulation on Electrical Installations, A.R.E.I.) in your possession.

Be careful: if the accommodation has been declared uninhabitable, it does not need to be inspected.

Only authorised inspection organisms (PDF file opens in new window) can inspect your electrical installation. You must be able to show the inspection report when you sell the accommodation.

An inspection costs about 125 euros. The controller checks the electrical installation and draws up a report.

  • The inspection report shall be attached to the official deed of sale
  • Selling an accommodation without inspection report is forbidden
  • The inspection report can be positive or negative

Be careful: If the inspection report is negative, the electrical installation must be reinspected:

  • In the following 18 months after the date of sale;
  • Not necessarily by the same inspection organisms as the one before the sale

If the electrical installation has not been substantially modified or extended, periodical inspections each 25 years are not mandatory. It is still highly recommended to pay attention to the security of your installation and to the good use of it.

Electrical installation put into service AFTER 1 October 1981

Electrical installations put into service after 1 October 1981 must be inspected by an authorised inspection organism (PDF file opens in new window) before being put into service, in compliance with AREI norms. Afterwards, these installations must be inspected every 25 years.

If the installation is deemed unsatisfactory, it must be:

  • sorted out in the following 12 months before being inspected again
  • reinspected by the same inspection organism in charge of the first inspection.

The certificate of the first inspection or of the second inspection is sufficient for the sale of the accommodation. Selling an accommodation without certificate is forbidden.


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