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Mijn VerbouwLening (in English)

 You can apply for ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’ for an amount of up to EUR 60,000 with a repayment period of up to 25 years. This loan can be used to finance renovations that focus on both housing quality and energy performance improvement (e.g. insulation, solar water heater, heat pump (boiler), solar panels). You can apply for the ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’ based on price quotes.  

Target groups

The five target groups below are eligible for Mijn VerbouwLening

  1. Private owner-occupiers from the lowest and middle-income categories of ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’
  2. Private landlords
  3. Individuals acquiring a home through an inheritance or gift
  4. Non-commercial institutions or cooperatives (e.g. non-profit organisations)
  5. Associations of co-owners

Pay attention:

  • Anyone who has taken out a renovation loan with interest grant or an Energy Loan+ (in Dutch) is not eligible for Mijn VerbouwLening.
  • Anyone who purchases a house or apartment from January 1, 2023 with a poor energy performance (EPC label E or F), is not eligible for Mijn VerbouwLening for a period of 10 years. You can apply for the ‘renovation loan with interest grant’.
  • Anyone who purchases a home with poor energy performance from 2023 and does not take out a mortgage for it will not be able to take out a Mijn VerbouwLening later.
  • Anyone who purchases a home with labels A to D may qualify for this.

For which buildings

Your home/flat must meet the conditions below to be eligible for ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’.

The home or flat:

  1. is located in the Flemish Region
  2. must be at least 15 years old on the application date. Exception: if the Mijn VerbouwLening is requested for investments in a solar water heater, (hybrid) heat pump, heat pump boiler, or solar panels, it is sufficient that the home or flat:
  3. is connected to the electricity distribution grid before 1 January 2014
  4. or the integrated environment permit for town planning activities was granted over five years ago, the home or flat meets the EPB requirements applicable to it, and the EPB declaration was submitted within the deadline laid down by decree.

For what types of works

You can apply for ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’ for all categories of works defined in ‘Mijn VerbouwPremie’ and for solar panels (premium from Fluvius).

You can apply for ‘Mijn VerbouwLening’ through the Energy Centre (in Dutch)(opens in new window) for your municipality.

You can also apply online. You should apply through the application platform (in Dutch)(opens in new window) (log on using itsme or your e-ID).