Price of the professional card

You pay for the professional card in 2 instalments:

  • when you apply for the card you pay 140 euros
  • when you pick up the card at the one-stop shop for business of your choice, you pay:
    • for the 1st application or a renewal: 90 euros for each year that the card is valid. For example: your card is valid for 2 years. Then you pay 180 euros when you pick the card up at the one-stop shop for business of your choice
    • for a change or a replacement: no charge.

Validity of the professional card

Usually valid for 2 years

A professional card is usually valid for 2 years. This gives you enough time to develop your self-employed activity.

You can only in special cases obtain a professional card for a shorter or longer period. This period varies from 1 to 5 years.

Special cases may be:

  • students who wish to extend their studies by one year as a self-employed person
  • non-European nationals who come to Flanders via granted mandates in multinationals for periods up to 5 years

Can be extended

Will your professional card expire soon? In that case you can renew it. Do this no later than 3 months before it expires.

Right to reside has expired

Your professional card is no longer valid if your residence permit for Belgium has expired. Return the card to the one-stop shop for business.