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Working or studying abroad with a Flemish diploma

To work or study abroad, you may need to have your Flemish diploma or certificate declared equivalent. For this, you can contact the NARIC centre of the country you are going to..

Recognition abroad

  • If you want to have your Flemish diploma declared equivalent abroad, you can contact the NARIC Centre of that country(opens in new window). They can provide you with information about the procedure you must follow and the documents you will need.
  • Does the country where you want to use your degree not have a NARIC information centre? If so, contact that country’s embassy or relevant education department.

Documents you may need

In order to provide information about your Flemish diploma abroad, you can use:

  • the diploma supplement: this is a document (in English/Dutch) issued together with each diploma awarded by Flemish colleges of higher education and universities. More information: Diplomasupplement (in Dutch).
  • a certificate issued by NARIC-Vlaanderen confirming that it is an officially recognized diploma or certificate in Flanders that was awarded by an accredited Flemish education institution.
  • some countries require an authenticated copy of your diploma. This means one signature of a person from the educational sector (rector, professor, headmaster, member of the examination board, etc.) present on the diploma or certificate is declared ‘authentic’ by the ‘Dienst Legalisatie diploma’s (Service for the authentication of diplomas) of the Flemish authorities. More information: Legalisatie van Vlaamse getuigschriften en diploma’s (in Dutch).