Nature Report in English

Nature Report in English

Since 1999 the Research Institute for Nature and Forest publishes every two years the Nature Report Flanders. It is officially presented to the Flemish Minister for Environment and Nature. The reports contain indicators, in-depth analysis and evaluations on the state and trend of biodiversity, the results of policy programs and potential scenarios for the future. Since 2014 the synthesis reports are available in English.

The Nature Report Flanders 2020 presents the state and trend of Flemish ecosystems and biodiversity and the most important pressures on them. It also evaluates the extent to which the 6 targets of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and Flemish policy goals were met. The policy recommendations are framed along the lines of the new EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

The nature reports 2014 through 2018 contain the state, policy and scenario volume of the Flanders Regional Ecosystem Assessment.


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