Research & results

Protected Nature

Under the theme of protected nature, we group together projects relating to so-called "dark green" nature, i.e. areas and species that enjoy a high degree of protection, e.g. through European nature directives, the status of nature reserves, nature domains or the like. Protected nature in aquatic environments and in the forest environment are dealt with under these respective themes.

  • Status and trend monitoring for protected flora and fauna is an essential and legally required element of policy evaluation at the Flemish, Belgian, European and OSPAR levels.
  • INBO reports on this by means of indicators. We make as much use as possible of cooperation with external parties for the field work.
  • Species, habitats and areas interact intensely with people, landscape and the environment. Ecological research into the functioning of protected flora and fauna is crucial to their sustainable conservation, restoration and management. With this research, INBO provides scientific support for nature policy. The research findings are also useful in other areas such as spatial planning policy, environmental policy, alien species policy, forest and agricultural policy, etc.
  • In this research, we examine what trends are occurring and look for explanations for them. We use modelling to predict what developments we can expect in a constantly changing environment. We investigate causes, pressures and relations that affect the status and development of species and ecosystems.
  • Based on our findings, INBO provides practical management solutions for practical use by policymakers, managers, consultancies and landscape planners.
  • We continue to breed endangered fish and amphibians and develop (re)introduction plans to support species protection plans and achieve conservation goals.