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Whether you read the IPBES Global Assessment Report, the European State of the Environment Report or the Flemish Nature Report, agriculture invariably emerges as one of the main causes of the current biodiversity crisis. This is why INBO launched a new programme in its 2019 Position Paper: Agriculture and Biodiversity. With this programme, INBO is bridging the gap between biodiversity research and agriculture research in the hope that both biodiversity and agriculture can benefit.

The Agriculture and Biodiversity programme focuses on three main lines:

  • To have its finger on the pulse: how is biodiversity evolving in the agricultural area? Where do we see further deterioration and where do we see improvement and why?
  • To look for more opportunities for improvement: which positive practices benefit agriculture and biodiversity at the same time? We are looking at nature in agricultural areas as well as agriculture in nature areas.
  • To support policy: based on its own findings and literature, the programme supports ongoing policy processes. As such, it works towards an effective Science Policy Interface.

Many INBO research teams participate in the programme. The programme is steered by the research teams Nature and Society and Nature Report and Advice Coordination.