Policy support

INBO supports policy on agriculture and nature through projects, advice and participation in various consultative bodies. The institute also provides direct support in certain policy processes, such as the Flemish Action Plan Wild Pollinators, the Flemish Hedgerow Plan, the preparation of the Programmatic Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) and Manure Action Plans, and support for the creation of landscape parks and national parks. INBO is also involved in the Flemish Food Strategy, more specifically the Deal related to agroecology.

Support Flemish Land Agency regarding nutrient policy

INBO provides scientific support to the Flemish Land Agency in the preparation and implementation of manure action plans.

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Plan for hedges

INBO also provides to the Flemish plan for hedges.
Read more: Wood edge plan

BioAgora, towards a European Science Service on Biodiversity

INBO is part of BioAgora, which is designing a Science Service that connects European research and biodiversity policy. This will be the scientific pillar for the EU Knowledge Center for Biodiversity. The Science Service will collect and organize scientific knowledge relevant to the implementation of the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030, the European Green Deal and other relevant EU policies. The knowledge is communicated via two-way platforms to the European institutions and wider society. Of course, agriculture and biodiversity are also discussed there, such as pollinators.

Read more: project BioAgora (INBO) or BioAgora (European website)

Contracts 2.0, experimenting with innovative management agreements

The Contracts 2.0 project provides inspiration for new management agreements. To this end, it is investigating four new contracting approaches: results-oriented, collective, land tenure and value-chain approaches.

Read more: Contracts 2.0 (INBO), and Contracts 2.0 (project website)

Contracts20 work session

Socio-economic impact analysis of nature restoration

INBO is developing a protocol for carrying out socio-economic impact analysis of nature restoration. The script is tested for five case studies, including agricultural areas.

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INBO regularly supports policy on nature in agricultural areas through advice, such as:

  • INBO.A.4299 (supplemented advice) advice on the design of the Environmental Impact Assessment and the design of the Flemish Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027 (2022)
  • INBO.A.4039: advice on the demarcation of areas for management agreements for meadow birds (2022)
  • INBO.A.4215: advice on the priorities for (hydrological) restoration in the context of the PAS (2021)
  • INBO.A.4181: advice on the Montagu's harrier in preparation for the follow-up species protection program (2021)
  • INBO.A.4156: advice on the demarcation of areas for management agreements for species-rich grassland (2021)
  • INBO.A.4141: advice on the demarcation of areas for management agreements for connecting vulnerable nature (2021)
  • INBO.A.4140: advice on the demarcation of areas for management agreements for buffering vulnerable nature (2021)
  • INBO.A.3847: advice on the demarcation of areas for management agreements (2019)
  • INBO.A.3797: advice on indicator types for management agreements (2019)
  • INBO.A.3743: advice on the management of grassland strips in the context of management agreements (2019)
  • INBO.A.3546: advice on the demarcation of the areas for management agreements 'Botanical management - package development of species-rich grassland' (2017)
  • INBO.A.3249: advice regarding management agreements for wildlife food crops and on the integration of the species protection programs Montagu's harrier and hamster (2015)
  • INBO.A.3102 (old number: INBO.A.2014.23): advice on the composition of flower seed mixtures for the establishment of mixed grass strips through management agreements (2014)

INBO.A.3083 (old number: INBO.A.2014.15): advice on nature-oriented management agreements and the principle of the ecological trap (2014)