Research & results

Wildlife Management

How can our society manage wildlife sustainably? Open space in Flanders is limited and different stakeholders have different expectations of wildlife management. Large mammals such as wild boar, roe deer, beavers and wolves need large habitats, but our countryside is highly fragmented. To provide space for animals, we need to manage them in a targeted manner, in dialogue with all stakeholders involved.

  • INBO develops knowledge about the management of large mammals, game species and alien species. By doing so we support government agencies such as ANB, VMM and VLM that prepare policy and carry out management for certain species. INBO monitors the numbers and distribution of the animals and tracks their use and management. INBO also evaluates management techniques, develops new techniques and provides practical advice. We consult intensively with different societal stakeholders in order to take their wishes into account.
  • We use population modelling to predict the influence of human and other factors on populations of large mammals, game species and alien species in Flanders. Thanks to these models, we are able to form more rapid estimates of the impact of ‘new’ species such as wolves and raccoons.
  • We develop new methods such as uniform monitoring protocols, environmental DNA, camera traps, citizen science and automation of data processing.