Ghent Floralies recognised as Flemish intangible heritage

The Flemish Minister for Culture, Jan Jambon, recently recognised the Ghent Floralies as intangible heritage. This recognition values the event as intangible heritage; the jury appreciated that the traditions surrounding the Floralies also look to the future through innovation and the link with the coming generations. The recognition comes at an excellent time because on 1 May 2020, Ghent will once again prepare for a new edition of the Ghent Floralies.

Almost 150 years
The Floralies have been organised in Ghent by the Belgian Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany (KMLP) since 1873. So this is intangible heritage with a long tradition that involves a lot of people. The tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next and it is cherished in many families. And entire ‘community’ has arisen around the Floralies. The result is that in addition to the Floralies itself, there are numerous activities in the interim period such as flower carpets and exhibitions of flowers and plants in Belgium and abroad.

Ready for the future
The Ghent Floralies sit well in the increasing attention for nature and greenery. In addition, there are many activities for children and the jury appreciated that the event is committed to innovation and collaborates with the local agricultural and horticultural college. After all, making young people enthusiastic about horticulture is the best way to keep this tradition alive.

The Ghent Floralies 2020
It is a great honour for the Ghent Floralies 2020 to receive this recognition and it is extra incentive for the 36th edition which will be held from 1 to 10 May 2020 at the ICC convention centre, the Floraliënhal and ‘het Kuipke’ in Ghent. Over 500,000 flowers and plants will grace the 1.5-hectare indoor garden and the 1.5 km-long discovery route.

This four-yearly exhibition is linked to sustainability, floral art and the future of “greenery in the city” and in May 2020, its central theme is "My Paradise, a Global Garden". The Flemish actor Wim Opbrouck is the face of the campaign.

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