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Accreditation as an EPB reporter

Every EPB reporter is required to fulfil certain conditions in order to be accredited. See: list of all accredited EPB reporters. (in Dutch)(opens in new window)


In order to be accredited, an EPB reporter must meet the following conditions:

  1. have the right diploma
  2. attend a basic training course to qualify as an EPB reporter (in Dutch) (95 hours) at a training institution accredited by the Energy and Climate Agency of Flanders (Vlaams Energie- en Klimaatagentschap/VEKA)
  3. sign a declaration of honour
  4. pass the examination.

An accredited EPB reporter is required to attend continuing education each year in order to retain the accreditation. Failure to do so means they may lose their accreditation.



  • The tuition fee for the training course to qualify as an EPB reporter depends on the training institution. It varies between 1,500 and 1,900 euro.
  • Sitting an examination for reporters is not free of charge. The fee depends on the body and the approach to the examination.


  • Energy Decree of 8 May 2009 (Articles 10.1.1. through 10.1.5.)
  • Energy Order of 19 November 2010 (Articles 8.6.1. through 8.7.2.)
  • Ministerial Order on the training required to qualify as an EPB reporter and the training institutions specified in the Energy Decree of 19 November 2010 (Articles 8.6.1 and 8.6.3)
  • Declaration of honour: Annex 8 to the Ministerial Order of 16 December 2014 amending various ministerial orders relating to the energy performance legislation
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