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Flemish Resilience

Flemish Resilience makes Flanders resilient, even during the energy crisis. The Government of Flanders’ ambitious investment plan ensures the transition to a sustainable and digital economy and is investing in people and talents. In this way, Flanders is ready for tomorrow.

The recovery plan is divided into 7 key focal points, 35 clusters and 181 projects. The first report on the progress of these projects was submitted in March 2021. Two more reports followed in September and December of that same year. In 2022 the two measurements were in June and December. Next report will be submitted in December 2023.

Progress Report December 2022

Despite the many COVID-19 waves and the crisis in Ukraine, the implementation of the Flemish Resilience plan is running largely on schedule. 91% of the projects (162 + 3) are on schedule (light green and dark green). In fact, 13 projects (7%) have already been completed. Commitments have also risen substantially to 95% of the recovery funds.

At the time of measurement on 31 December 2022, 97% of the 181 recovery projects were in progress after inclusion on the agenda of the Government of Flanders or completed. Compared to the previous measurements, clear progress was again made. From a large group of projects ‘on schedule and in progress’, a cluster of completed projects has formed.

Following the Ukraine crisis a 181st project was added between measurements 4 and 5. Project VV181 supports the fisheries and agriculture sector to alleviate the impact of the war in Ukraine on Flemish agriculture and fisheries. Funding for this project (6 million euros) comes from a shift of funds from VV028, VV033 and VV101.

  • 162 projects (90%) are in progress after inclusion on the agenda of the Government of Flanders and are on schedule (dark green); 13 projects (7%) have been completed (yellow):
    • VV044 | Friendly acquisitions and expropriations New Lock Zeebrugge
    • VV046 | Raising strategic lump sums for hospitals
    • VV064 | FIT - data-driven organisation and digitalisation of services
    • VV118 | Growth Package - further digitalisation
    • VV121 | Accelerating additional resources policy - phase 1
    • VV140 | ‘One family, one plan’ partnerships
    • VV146 | Childcare Compensation Order - Additional means-tested fee contribution
    • VV153 | Guarantee fund for the Flemish independent audiovisual production sector
    • VV154 | Boost to VAF Film Fund
    • VV155 | Boost to VAF Media Fund and Game Fund
    • VV176 | Making lateral entry from the private sector into education attractive
    • VV179 | Increasing efforts to attract investment
    • VV181 | Supporting agriculture and fisheries in the context of the Ukraine crisis
  • 1 project is ‘not yet started’ (light grey): VV169 | Accelerated fibre network and 5G roll-out.
  • 3 projects have the status ‘started’, but were not yet put on the formal agenda of the Government of Flanders (light green).
    • VV159 | Faster licensing and appeal procedures
    • VV172 | Investments in flagship recovery projects of Flanders’ ports regarding CO2 capture & reuse
    • VV173 | Ad hoc investment funds as co-financing together with European aid
  • 2 projects require ‘special attention’ (amber):
    • VV085 | Ostend Kursaal
    • VV168 | Accelerated digital meters roll-out

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To publicise the recovery plan to the general public, a campaign (in Dutch)(opens in new window) was launched from 13 August to 13 September 2021.

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