Who can participate in the Future Proef Award?

Are you a student of an associate’s programme (EQF level 5), a professional oriented bachelor’s programme (EQF level 6) or master’s programme (EQF level 7) at a Flemish higher education institution? Have you gone all out for a final thesis or project submitted in 2023 that is committed to sustainability?

Then we got some good news for you!

The Future Proef Award rewards final theses or projects that focus on sustainability. We will hand out a separate award for master’s theses or projects, bachelor’s theses or projects and associate theses. or projects. Both individual final works and group works are welcome.

Will you only submit your final thesis or project in one of the following years, but do you want to contibute to a ustainable future through your final work? Be sure to check this page for more inspiration.

Why take part in the Future Proef Award?

By making a commitment to sustainability with your final thesis or project, you are contributing to a society in change. It’s an opportunity to take commitment to a sustainable future and thus make a difference as a student.

With the Future Proef Award, we put you and your final thesis or project in the spotlight. The winners will also receive a cash prize (€3,000 for first place and €500 for places 2 and 3). Moreover, we hope this award will spark the conversation about sustainability in society. So, what are you waiting for?

Feeling like joining in? Below, you'll find all the info you need.